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The Living Pictures Masterclass

Bring your photos to Life and change for ever the way you look at your photography.

Requires Photoshop CC or CS6, not included.
  • UNIQUE CINEMAGRAPH ACTIONS: The EASIEST WAY to make cinemagraphs! 3 simple steps and you're done. No need for an expensive app or membership: you'll own it for LIFE!
    Valued at $180
  •  7 PRO VIDEO TUTORIALS: Professional, precise, step-by-step tutorials on how to make cinemagraphs in Photoshop! You'll start making them right away!
    Valued at $149
  •  30 COLOR GRADING PRESETS: Why spend hours trying to find the right coloring when you can get it with just ONE click? Get my 30 best presets, specifically designed for cinemagraphs!
    Valued at $97
  •  10 PIECES OF FOOTAGE: Each video or photo used in the tutorials are included in the kit, so you can easily follow every step with me.
  •  THE 100 CINEMAGRAPH MOTION LIST: Never run out of ideas! With The 100 Cinemagraph Motion List, you can pick and choose or combine motions to come up with cinemagraph ideas in seconds!
    Valued at $89
  •  BONUS: Learn how to put motion in a still photo! Take your best still shots and turn them into cinemagraphs!
    Valued at $49
  •  RISK FREE: If you don't love the Photoshop Cinemagraph Kit at anytime in the first 30 days, just let me know and I'll give you a full refund on the spot, no questions asked!
Instantly save $100 today!
  •  Get Over $553 In Bonuses
  • CINEMAGRAPH EFFECT ACTIONS: Use this tailor-made set of Photoshop actions to apply your Cinemagraph Effects on ANY of your photos with one click! 
    Valued at $87

  •  16 PRO VIDEO TUTORIALS: Professional, precise, step-by-step tutorials on how to build your own library of 500+ Cinemagraph Effects and use them right away on your photos.
    Valued at $588

  •  BONUS #1: Transform your photos into an eye-catching timelapse living picture with this unique complementary training. I'll show you how to get access to 85 cloud timelapses to add to your library of effects.
    Valued at $49

  •  BONUS #2: gain access to 7 pro tutorials showing you how to levitate a person, make a baby breath, put hair in motion, make an object fly...
    It will give you all the TECHNIQUES that will allow you to get almost anything in motion.
    Included in the course: Living Pictures Photoshop actions.
    Values at $216

  •  BONUS #3: I'm going to show how you can combine the Cinemagraph Effects and the Living Picture techniques to achieve incredible results in a series of case studies. With this in your arsenal, you'll be able to work on ANY of your photos and turn them into living images. 
    Valued at $99

  •  BONUS #4: Gain access to my private group of students, where you'll get the support from the whole Cinemagraph Family and where I will personally supervise your work.
    Valued at $189

  •  BONUS #5: You're going to get great support from myself and my team. If you get stuck, simply hit me up with an email. You'll be talking to a REAL person and get REAL support.
    Priceless Value

  •  RISK FREE: The "Living Pictures Masterclass" is covered by our full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee*. If after beginning the Living Pictures Masterclass, you are not satisfied, we'll gladly refund your money.
$197 $97
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