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This Living pictures Masterclass  will awaken your creative genius and reveal the secrets to creating living works of art.
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honestly, This changes everything."
- Arthur C.
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Ready to Create the Coolest, Most Eye-Catching Images of Your Life?
I hope you're ready to wow your audience!
Editing your photos is fun at first… but even with Photoshop or Lightroom, fixing photos after awhile starts to get rather, well, let’s face it...boring.

Eventually, you want to GET SOMEWHERE with your images.

Eventually, you want to take your images and create something NEW or even something EXTRAORDINARY.

Well... you are about to find out how.

Because if you want to these amazing results with Photoshop and to become a professional living picture artist — then this is going to be the most important message you’ve ever read.

Here’s why.
Because for the first time ever, there is a Living Pictures Masterclass built specifically to teach you the tricks the professionals use again and again to accomplish all of their best effects and create eye-catching, living images.

Effects like those you see in the images I created for this page along with many other techniques.

You are going to learn so much from this course. It will completely transform the way you approach your photography and how you use Photoshop.

In fact, get started right now and in under 60 minutes, you are already going to be using Photoshop to turn out richer, more intricate, more exciting images than you ever thought you could create.

And your photos will never be the same.
The Two Most Common Challenges For Aspiring Living Picture Artists:
If you aren’t creating the kind of awesome art you wish you could be turning out, my bet is that it’s a combination of two problems we’re going to correct:

1.) You are stuck on thinking of Photoshop as a tool to “fix” or “correct” or somehow “enhance” a still image 


2.) You haven’t been trained on how to achieve the living picture effect the pros are using in their work.

If you’re anything like I was when I was starting out, you probably love taking photos. You probably even have hundreds (maybe thousands?) of them piled up on your hard drive. You probably also love doing some pretty cool things with your images using Photoshop (or even Lightroom or Elements) and I’m sure you can probably edit an individual photo to make it look great BUT...

...when it comes to taking your photos and creating something more powerful, more awe-inspiring, and more valuable with them (something worth showing your clients, sharing on social media, and actually hanging on a wall on a digital screen) — that’s where I’m betting you run into real limitations.

Question is: What if you just don’t have the pro-level Photoshop chops to create more elaborate, more visual, more exciting works — how are you going to get anywhere new with your art?

Put another way:

How can you quickly pick up what you need to learn in order to GET REALLY GOOD at creating stunning living pictures that transcends the everyday photos you’ve been spending your time on up unil now… so you can get on with creating awesome images you could legitimely share on your website or sell to your clients?

Good questions.

Well, there’s a simple answer to both of them . . .

Join Over 2,000 Photographers & Videographers Who Are Making Stunning Living Images
$197 $97
"Thank you so much Elyan for the amazing job you did with these very well explained tutorials, very easy to understand... It's a very nice and fun way to create my own living pictures!" - Carlos Torres 
The Game Changer You've Been Waiting For
You've Basically Discovered The Cheat Code For Living Pictures
Before I tell you more about the Photoshop Cinemagraph Kit, 
let me ask you a few questions:
 Are you taking the same type of photograph over and over again? Looking for something more exciting?
 Are you struggling to find your niche as a photographer?
 Do you want to experience how FUN it is to create living pictures and transform your photos?
 Discouraged you're not getting more clients and more money for your photography?
 Frustrated about the cheap apps you downloaded on your phone with no real result?
 Disheartened you're not getting more engagement and likes on social media?
If you answered yes to 1 (or all!) of these questions then I have some exciting news for you! 

Throughout my career, I have created  hundreds of Cinemagraphs - these Harry Potter living pictures - for international brands, agencies and celebrities. I've been working with European brands Guerlain, Veuve Clicquot, Galleries Lafayette, Orange, Renault, etc...

Cinemagraphs are “living” photographs: a mix of static image and video, looped infinitely without any visible breaks or edits. 

When I was getting started, I pretty much answered yes to all of the questions above, but instead of seeking out a mentor or purchasing any courses, I tried to learn everything by doing it myself.

Luckily, I eventually figured everything out and became a pretty successful Cinemagraph artist, but it cost me a lot (both time and cash).

After hitting several huge contracts with brands in the last few years, my focus is now on helping other photographers and visual artists to achieve the same level of success with Cinemagraphs or living pictures.

This summer, I spent 3 months working around the clock creating The Living Pictures Masterclass.

It's the most comprehensive and effective masterclass on living pictures for Photoshop.
(Photoshop CC or Photoshop CS6)

One of a kind.
Your Photography is About to Come to Life.
Are you ready for this?

You are about to learn how to create truly extraordinary living images by immersing yourself in an online masterclass (with instant 24/7 access), where you are going to learn how to bring photographs to life and make them more awesome than anything you’ve done before.

You are going to learn - in just your first two modules - the techniques I have spent years accumulating, so you can animate your images like the ones I’ve made here, but also entirely your own, expressing your own artistic vision.

Although keep in mind: the possibilities are literally endless. 

Think about it like this:
Still photos are one dimension and living photos are a brand new dimension.

It's like discovering for the first time that you can colorgrade your photos!
Here's what you get when you enroll today...
This is not just another photography course where you get access to a handful of generic videos with zero support. Courses like that are a dime a dozen. Frankly, there are way too many photographer gurus creating courses and very few instructors actually teaching what they DO.
Let’s lay it all out.
What I’m talking about is an intensive online Living Pictures Masterclass, where you will be given immediate, exclusive 24/7 lifetime access to a private training site featuring over SIXTEEN training videos, showing you from A to Z how to put life into any of your photos with the right effect!
You will also receive a tailor-made set of brand new actions: The Cinemagraph Effects Actions.

Those unique Photoshop actions will help you create incredible effects in just a single click. They will fit any of your photos or any of your Cinemagraph Effects - and will be yours for a lifetime!

Speaking of which, I'm going to reveal you my weird technique that I used to build a library of 500+ Cinemagraph Effects for FREE.

It's this secret alone will 1) save you hundreds of dollars and will 2) help you create the most stunning living pictures!
In other words: You are going to get all the training and the tools to come out of this masterclass with an incredible portfolio of living pictures that will immediately make you look like the professional you've become.

Not bad, huh? 

Well, let's take a look at the before and after below.
Fog Overlay Living Pictures
Particles Overlay Cinemagraph Living Pictures
Fire Overlay Cinemagraph Living Pictures
Fire Embers Overlay Cinemagraph Living Pictures
Rain Overlay Cinemagraph Living Pictures
Lights Overlay Cinemagraph Living Pictures
Lightning Overlay Cinemagraph Living Pictures
Smoke Overlay Cinemagraph Living Pictures
Bokeh Overlay Cinemagraph Living Pictures
Fireworks Overlay Cinemagraph Living Pictures
Snow Overlay Cinemagraph Living Pictures
Stars Overlay Cinemagraph Living Pictures
  • How to use the powerful Timeline tool in Photoshop - from A to Z
  • We’re not leaving anything to chance. You’re going to learn how to efficiently use the Timeline and the layers related to it so we get you totally prepared for the next tutorials. It's the basic foundation you need to create your own living pictures. You're going to step outside of your comfort zone and take the first step into your new photography skill.
  •  Learn how to export your Living Pictures to share them anywhere on the internet
  • It's one thing to create your own Living Pictures, it's another one to be able to share them to the world. I'm going to show you how I export these living images when it's time to show the world what you've just created.
  •  Learn to load your Cinemagraph Effects into Photoshop - and how to use them in a single click!
  • You'll get access to a set of unique Cinemagraph Effects actions, specifically designed to put motion into your images. I'll show you how to load these spectacular actions into Photoshop and, of course, how to use them!
  •  Add Adjustment Layers to your Cinemagraph Effects and instantly ramp up the quality of all your images. 
  • When you are applying a Cinemagraph Effect (using the Cinemagraph Effects actions), you'll automatically be able to use an adjustment layer designed to only affect your effect layer. You're going to learn  how to master it to perfectly match any of the Cinemagraph Effects to your images.
  •  Layer Masks, Layer Masks, and more Layer Masks! 
  • Layer Masks are the tool you will use to control where (or to what extent) all of your Cinemagraph Effects show up or remain obscured. Want all of them? Yes, you can combine them. Why only have rain in your photo when you can add fog too? You will learn to achieve pro results in your work.
  •  Learn how to make your Living Pictures the length that you need
  • Depending on how you're going to export your creations, and where you want to display your Living Pictures, you may need them to have different lengths. I'm going to show you how to make them as long as you want!
    (no need to for another software).
  •  Learn exactly how to use the blending mode to achieve even better results with your Cinemagraph Effects
  • Sometimes, the difference between something good and something great lays in just a little tweak. But how can you get to great when you simply don't know how? I'll show you how to use the blending modes to get even more realistic results that actually make a difference.
  •  Learn how to customize your workspace in Photoshop like a pro
  • If you’re going to actively create with Photoshop, you need to get fast with Photoshop. The interface cannot slow you down or get in the way of the ideas you are trying to bring to life. This is where all of that starts, and you will be working like a pro.
  •  Amass a rich library of your own Cinemagraph Effects to apply to ANY of your images
  • You’re going to fall in love with using Cinemagraph Effects in your work. They give another dimension to your photos instantly and separate them from any "normal" photo. You want a wide variety to match them to any of your photos. I'm going to show you the way get HUNDREDS of them, legally and ethically, for free.
  •  Great organization is KEY
  • You will learn how to organize your Cinemagraph Effects to have them accessible and ready to be used in your work. You'll see how good it feels to just open your own library and easily pick your favorite effects for the right photo. It's like having a full dressing room filled with your favorite clothes in one place.
  •  Learn to load your Cinemagraph Effects into Photoshop - and how to use them in a single click! 
  • You'll get access to a set of unique Cinemagraph Effects actions, specifically designed to put motion into your images. I'll show you how to load these spectacular actions into Photoshop and, of course, how to use them!
Join Over 2,000 Photographers & Videographers Who Are Making Stunning Living Images
$197 $97
"Thank you so much Elyan for the amazing job you did with these very well explained tutorials, very easy to understand... It's a very nice and fun way to create my own living pictures!" - Carlos Torres 
Get amazing bonuses when you enroll today!
Bonus #1
Get this exclusive Timelapse Living Picture training!

Add timelapses to any of your photos and get access to 85 cloud timelapses that you'll be able to use in any of your work.

This course is NOT available anywhere else but here in this special offer - with the Living Pictures Masterclass.

Value: $49
Bonus #2
Get a FULL set of Living Pictures tutorials.

This shouldn't even be a bonus as it is a full course on its own.

You're going to gain access to 7 pro tutorials showing you how to:

✓ Levitate an object or a person in any of your photos
✓ Make an object or a person to fly from one side of the frame to the other
✓ Get a balloon to float endlessly in your image
✓ Have a baby breathe 
(perfect for new born photography)
✓ Get the ocean in motion (and even a boat)
✓ Put hair in motion for your portraits
✓ Make a waterfall move
It will give you all the TECHNIQUES that will allow you to get almost anything in motion simply using Photoshop CC or CS6.

I'll also give you the Living Pictures Photoshop Action to make you even faster.

This course is NOT available anywhere else but here in this special offer, with the Living Pictures Masterclass.

Value: $216
Hot Air Balloon Flying
Ocean In Motion
Baby Breathing
Waterfall Falling
Hair Flowing
Bonus #3
With this bonus, we are talking about getting REALLY good at this. Theseare my more advanced tutorials and you're going to get full access to them.

In these case studies, I'm going to show how you can combine the Cinemagraph Effects and the Living Picture techniques to achieve incredible results.

With this in your arsenal, you'll be able to work on ANY of your photos and turn them into living images. You'll be able to tell your clients that you can bring their images to life and have the plan already all mapped out in your head before you even open Photoshop!

Theses case studies are NOT available anywhere else but here in this special offer with the Living Pictures Masterclass.

Value: $99
Bonus #4
I noticed that most courses have a flaw... and I've fixed it!

You'll gain access to my private group of students, where you'll get the support from the whole Cinemagraph Family and I can personally supervize your work.

The big problem with courses is that people gain access to a library of videos, techniques and tips but don't know where to start. They feel lost without any personal guidance or support.

I solved this problem by not only creating an incredible private Facebook group but also by sharing Case Studies and answering questions in a digital space where I can work personally with all of my students.

Value: $189
Bonus #5
You're going to get great support from myself and my team.

It's that simple:
If you get stuck, simply hit me up with an email.

You will have the support of the private group ofstudents, the tutorials AND the written instructions as sometimes all we need is someone to steer you in the right direction.

I personally answer ALL of my emails and will do my best to help you out. You'll be talking to a REAL person and get REAL support.

And what's better than getting advice from the instructor himself, right? :)

Don't Just Take My Word For It
Wedding Photographer
Landscape Photographer
Sport Photographer
“You are doing a superb job, both in WHAT you’re teaching and HOW you’re teaching it, with excellent video quality to boot!”
Serge Ramelli
Award-winner Photographer
Join Over 2,000 Photographers & Videographers Who Are Making Stunning Living Images
$197 $97
"Thank you so much Elyan for the amazing job you did with these very well explained tutorials, very easy to understand... It's a very nice and fun way to create my own living pictures!" - Carlos Torres 
Curious If The Living Pictures Masterclass Is Right For You?
There are few courses on the market that can provide tremendous value to beginners and advanced Photoshop users alike. 

The Living Pictures Masterclass currently has students who range from beginner photographers/Photoshop users to students who are professionnals. Students at both ends of the spectrum are experiencing amazing results!
As a beginner at Photoshop, you will find the Photoshop Actions I created very handy.
They are really easy to use (one click) and will give you a great result even with no technical knowledge.
Once you've got the hang of them, you can then gradiently add the more advanded tutuorials at your own pace.

As an advanced photographer, you'll be able to create stunning Living Pictures. You already have images you can be proud of and this masterclass is going to show you how you can take those to a brand new dimension.
Be ready to blow peoples' minds.
As a professional, you probably already know the value of this masterclass. 

You'll be able to offer Living Pictures to your clients that not only will cover this investment but you can promote this new skill to them. Trust me, they will pay extra money to get these "Harry Potter" photos.
Here are the facts on LIVING PICTURES and how they cAN improve your engagement & business quickly...
If you havent heard much about Living Pictures (or Cinemagraphs) before this, you should know that they are becoming more of a popular medium everyday. You see:
  •  They create 5x more engagement than still photos
  •  They can be displayed on any social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Website, Email Marketing, digital display, etc.)
  •  They work with any kind of photography (wedding, portrait, landscape, street, travel, etc...)
  •  There are approximately 75 million photographers around the world and only less than 0.5% of photographers make them
Frankly, Living Pictures & Cinemagraphs are a great asset for any photographer. 
In our digital world, cinemagraphs are now an established niche in the field of digital photography. 
The secret is: you must know how to create them correctly to leave your audience and clients awestruck.
More Engagement
Kind Of Photography
Social Media
How Much Does Something Like This Normally Cost?
How much would an art education like this be worth? 

Even a basic college course (nowhere near as cool as this) would set you back at least two grand. A live workshop covering this much content would cost at least a grand. But I’m not even going to ask you for anywhere close to that amount.

With all of the new content and added bonuses, this course is currently $197 and will soon go up to $297. But if you move on this right now, you can get it for much, much lower than that. 

— and you can get into the course right away, with lifetime access, at a full $100 off during this launch promotion — making it only $97 — if you grab the course today!

I’m betting you’ve probably spent more than that on some piece of photography gear you haven’t used in months. (Or if you haven’t yet, I bet you’ve at least got something more expensive than this on your list to buy, even though you know it’s not going to radically change the quality of your work or revolutionize your life as an artist.)

We’re talking here about training you to become a living picture artist — perhaps even getting you to the point of being able to sell your work for real money. Think about it. You could recoup your entire investment on this course with a single image. Barely even trying. 
And here you are getting the whole course (which you can start immediately and work through at your own pace and return to as often as you like, forever) and all of the Bonuses — for less than what you might lay out in one weekend just goofing off.

Heck, college students drop more than this on one lame textbook they end up shoving under their bed and never look at again.

Here you are going to have access to an amazing one-of-a-kind Photoshop course, chock full of amazing training videos covering all of the coolest (and most important) techniques for creating pro-quality living pictures.

This is your chance. Don’t miss out. 

Join what is now over 2,000 other students worldwide already having a blast with living images, and take your art to a whole new level. 

And all at entirely no risk whatsoever!
You're even covered by our full 30-Day money back guarantee...
You can put your mind at ease knowing that "The Living Pictures Masterclass" is covered by our full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee*, which means... 

...that if after beginning the Living Pictures Masterclass, you are not satisfied, we'll gladly refund your money*. That's how confident we are that this will be the best investment you'll ever make in your photography skills!
In Case You Were Curious About Who Is Teaching This Course
I started my career as an actor starring in many commercials and films in France and internationally. I took to photography in my twenties and eventually found my niche in the world of cinemagraphs.

Being one of the first successful cinemagraphers around, I have made cinemagraphs for brands such as Guerlain, Lancome, Orange, Kauffman, Renault, L’Oreal, Veuve Cliquot and many more. 

My work as been featured in countless online magazines and continuously referenced by industry professionals.

I have made it my mission to teach others exactly how I do it, as well as give fellow photographers and creatives access to the same processes and advantages top cinemagraph artists have used to get to where they are.

After countless requests from those in my fanbase who had trouble with cinemagraphs, I've decided to bundle The Photoshop Cinemagraph Kit to help them create cinemagraphs with greater ease than ever before - saving them time, money & stress. I hope you use this kit and tools to your advantage and may your photos be more alive than ever before!
Lorem ipsum dolor 

"I am blown away by this masterclass. You just don’t see this kind of training anywhere. I’ve been through all sorts of training online. No one is teaching this stuff. Not like this."

- Robin Clive
Artistic Director
What version of Photoshop do I need for this masterclass?
You need Photoshop CC or CS6 (extended or not).
It will NOT work with Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, Photoshop Elements, Photoshop for mobile phone, Affinity & Lightroom.
Will the Cinemagraph Effects actions and Living Picture action work for MAC & PC?
Yes! They are designed to work on any OS and with Photoshop CC or CS6!
How do I access the masterclass?
As soon as you enroll, you'll receive an email with your personal login to access the platform. You'll gain access to all the pro tutorials, Photoshop actions and bonuses in the next few minutes.
Will I own more than 500 Cinemagraph Effects? Do you give them in the masterclass?
No, I will show you how to access them ethically for free, how to build your own library of Cinemagraph Effects (you'll have to work a little bit!) and how to use them. The Cinemagraph Effects are owned by those who created them.
Do I need to be really good at Photoshop for this?
The masterclass begins with tutorials showing you the basics (Timeline, Exports, etc..), then how to use the Cinemagraph Effects using the actions. It's very efficient but also easy to use.
When you feel at ease, you can dig into the more advanced stuff!
How long do I have access to the Living Pictures Masterclass?
You have lifetime access to the masterclass, and all the bonuses.
What is the refund policy?
I put my heart and soul into this masterclass and you have 30 days to see for yourself.
That means that if you get started, watched less than 40% of the masterclass and realiz
e that this masterclass is not for you, I will gladly refund you. 
Can I pay with PayPal?
Yes, you can pay with PayPal. Click here for PayPal checkout.
Join Over 2,000 Photographers & Videographers Who Are Making Stunning Living Images
$197 $97
"Thank you so much Elyan for the amazing job you did with these very well explained tutorials, very easy to understand... It's a very nice and fun way to create my own living pictures!" - Carlos Torres 
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